Make Money With Snack Video App

 How To Make Money With Snack Video Application

 Learn all the details.

  This app works like a tick tock.  Then this app spread fast on the internet. The biggest advantage of this app is that we can make money using this app.  We can invite our friends to increase our revenue if we use this app on a daily basis.  Apply Invitation Code to your friends.  So you can easily earn four to five thousand rupees easily. Without any post hosting.

 Initially this app used to pay 140 rupees for inviting a friend.  When Snack Video saw that Tik Tak was paying Rs. 440 per invite.  So the Snack app also increased the money. From 140 to 500. If you invite only two friends a day.  So can easily earn 1 thousand rupees.

 There are many features in this app which you can use to earn:

  1) By applying the invitation code.

 2) Watching other people's videos

 3) Come live

 4) By hosting

 5) By forming a family group

 6. By posting

 7. Taking coins for free

 Now the question arises how to work on this app. How to download it

 Is this a real app?

 So it is 100% real, you can work on it with satisfaction.

 How to withdraw money from it. How to do withdrwal You can know by reading all the methods and instructions given below.

 (How to download)

 First you go to the playstore.  There in the search bar will write Snack video.  And by clicking on the search button, you can easily download Withdaraw (How to create an account)

 When you install this app in mobile.  Open it.

 Below you will see 4 options

 You have to create your account by clicking on the first button on the right side.

 When you click on this button, you will see four more options.

 If you have a Facebook account.  So you can also log in. Simple in this you have to write your fb Gmail.

 You can also create an account from your phone.

 Give your number. You can create an account by clicking on any of these options.

 After creating an account, it is important to know how to make money on it.

 (How to make money

 You will see a coin on the home page. You have to click on it.  Different tasks will open in front of you.

 First you have to invite your friends by clicking on invite.

 Send uplink to everyone from whatsapp group to your facebook account.

 This link will enter your invitation code.  You have to guide your friends how to enter this code.

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 If you want to invite more people.  So this is the easiest way.  After joining ten to twelve groups, you have to share the link there and also keep writing and posting the details of this app.  So more and more people enter your code.  The more people enter your code, the more your revenue grows.

 After inviting, you will also see different tasks. Everyone has to apply in turn.

 At the end you will find the option to check in. By clicking on it you can get coins for free daily.

style="text-align: left;"> (Posting method)

 If you want to post then there is a very easy way.  (+) will click on the plus button, so you can make and post your video from the snack camera.

 You can also take pictures and videos from your gallery and post them by adding them.

 You will see many features for video addting.  

 Watching other people's videos

 You can collect coins by watching other people's videos. Within 24 hours your coins become automatically convert in money.  

  How do you get live?

 You must have five followers to come live. Only after that you can apply for live. After getting the option of live, you have to adopt the following method to come live.

 First, click on the (plus) button.

 As soon as we click.

 Your snack room will be open.  From where you make videos, the live option will be shown there.

 Click on it.  All features will be found.  Set your own account.  And give a good title and click on go live.

 So this is how you will come live. Here you can share with your (broad) friends and also in different groups and accounts. So talk to your (followers) and fans here and earn a lot of money.


 How You Make Money By Hosting The Snack App


 Hosting also means coming live. But you are given a fix time. You have so many hours a day. The way you do a job.  Do duty  Get paid

 The same is true of hosting.

 How do you apply for it?

  You have to join a family.  Send hosting request.  Friends who are already hosting there. Ask them to host us too.

 Just when you get hosting permission, come daily to entertain your fans and others and collect money.

 So here is the complete description of hosting and live.

  Build your family

 You can create a family and add more people here. And you can increase your followers by putting a link to your videos in this family. The more followers you have. The more chances your video has to go viral. Of these family members  If anyone likes your video.  So he will share it with his friends.  

  Hope you understand all the methods well.

 So go for the Sync app and make money


 (How to withdraw money)

 With this app you can easily withdraw money from Easy Money and Jazz Cash.

 To do this you have to come to the home badge and click on the coin sign.

 You will see two options - Coin and Withdrawal.

 Click on your withdrwal.  The amount you want to withdraw.  Select it

 Show two options in front.

 easy paisa

 jazz cash

 Where you want to ask for money.  Select it and press confrm.

 Then enter your account name and number.  You have to write your name and number carefully. You have to write that name and number.  On which your Jazz account is created. After writing, press submit.

 You will then receive a notification.  In which it will be written that your application has been completed. Within three days the money will be added to your account.

 We hope you enjoy the Snack app, so install the Snack app quickly and make some money.

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