Faster Safer internet For Andriod

Quick and secure DNS resolver by Cloudflare

✌️✌️ - the world's quickest and most secure DNS resolver - ✌️✌️, the security first DNS resolver is currently accessible in a hurry. Nobody ought to have the option to snoop 🔍 on what you do on the Web. We've made with the goal that you can interface with the Web safely whenever, anyplace.

More prominent security 🔒 

By utilizing a protected association, ensures nobody can snoop your DNS inquiries.

Some ISPs use DNS inquiries to sell your information. Cloudflare will never sell your information or use it to target promotions. That is all.

Quickest approach to encounter the Web 🚀 makes the Web quicker by utilizing Cloudflare's worldwide system.

By and large, we are over 25% quicker than the following quickest open resolver.

Simple to utilize ✌️ 

One-contact arrangement to make your Web increasingly protected and private.

Introduce it today, get quicker Web, it's that straightforward.

Best of all: No upsells, no in-application buys, and free forever. Site proprietors pay us to make your Web quicker so you don't need to.

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