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Designer Tool For Andriod

Buff your application plan to a mirror sparkle with Creator Instruments for Android

Engineers, have you at any point needed to confirm that you've executed UI structures to spec?

UX Planners, at any point needed to approve whether a shading or format is right?

Architect Apparatuses gives a suite of highlights to audit and approve application particulars.

Lattice Overlay - 

Rapidly switch on-screen networks to check formats for conflicting dividing or mis-adjusted components. You can even modify the network size and line hues.

Mockup Overlay - 

Show a mockup picture over your application. This gives you a high-devotion chance to perceive how the structure spec coordinates the created UI. Browse representation or scene overlays and tune the darkness for a compelling correlation.

Shading Picker - 

Utilize your finger to haul around a loupe and personality the hex codes of hues at the pixel level.

Screen capture subtleties - 

Add a board to the majority of your screen captures that presentations data with respect to the gadget, screen and Android variant. QA groups will LOVE this.

Have thoughts for another instrument that we could incorporate? Tell us by sending us an email!

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