Gesture Lock New Creative App

 Attract something or motion to open with letter, signature, design and numbers 

Motion Lock Screen - Draw Mark and Letter Lock here is an exceptional motion lock screen on my android. On the off chance that you need something other than what's expected to bolt or open your telephone and took a stab at utilizing old example locks attempt our pristine and novel motion lock screen application. Worn out on the old examples and secret phrase lock to bolt your versatile signal lock screen is the arrangement. Draw letters, draw numbers, draw shapes, draw marks and attract logical motion to open. 

Highlights of Motion Lock Screen - Draw Mark and Letter Lock: 

# Alter draws a signal on the secret phrase. 

# Alter draws signature on a secret key. 

# Add, eliminate and alter signal. 

# Set your own content with text style and shading change on screen lock. 

# Open with a motion, unique finger impression or pin. 

Motion Use: 

# Add/change/erase motion. 

# custom motion tones. 

# covertness mode: conceal signal strokes when drawing. 

# upholds both single stroke (one touch drawing) and various strokes. 

Motion lock screen - draw signature and letter lock this is motion lock screen star for motion lock screen and application lock with motion lock screen draw off screen. The keen motion screen bolt and open with new motion lock screen all and letters lock screen or mark lock screen to drawing lock screen for the best lock screen. This is the best screen lock application to signal application lock or screen storage and motion board with design lock screen or open screen with android gadget director open.

This is unique finger impression application lock for iPhone motions in key mark about the lock messages is notice lock. A touch screen lock for extravagant lock screen with finger attracting to bolt begin and player lock screen or text lock screen. Instructions to bolt applications with most recent lock applications to finger lock for telephone storage and cell phone lock with android lock screen applications is lock my telephone applications and video lock or versatile lock like to entryway lock application download in brilliant application lock. 

That is signal lock screen top caliber in motion lock screen backdrop with a download to twofold tap motion lock screen. With his finger motion on a decrease, route starting with one program then onto the next by just drawing a signal with a finger on your gadget. Browse an assortment of various clock style for the lock screen. 

 Introduction signal lock screen secret word for quietness opens all your #1 applications encasing the fussy secret phrase or any rationale and who need some inventive application and encase the application to begin here is a novel motion lock screen on my android. Allowed to compose any image, alphanumeric, and so on and devote it to your application. 

Download Free Motion Lock Screen to bolt and open your portable screen 

Motion Lock Screen is brilliant lock screen application for android Telephones, Download Free Motion Lock Screen and secure telephone utilizing motion or mark. On the off chance that you need something else to bolt/open your telephone and tired utilizing old example locks attempt our spic and span and one of a kind Signal Lock Screen Application. Download this Free Motion Screen Storage fro Play Store and Appreciate. Draw Shapes, Letters, Mark and Signals to bolt and open your telephone. 

At the point when you set the Motion in settings, this Motion lock screen distinguishes and changes each time the mark is made and put away on the lock screen application with their signature as your lock screen secret phrase. You can draw and save every thing as the image of the star, heart, triangle, square, circle, any shape or you can utilize any numeric number or a mark of her as a secret phrase. 

Enable or Impair Signal Lock Screen in the Settings 

Change Signal or update in settings 

You Can likewise set your security secret phrase as a reinforcement, This secret word will help you when you failed to remember your Motion to open Screen 

Set Excellent HD Backdrops as foundation 

Huge Assortment of HD backdrops are accessible in the application 

Draw Motion, Mark to Open telephone 

Gesture lock screen is the most ideal approach to protect your information and your telephone with signal or secret phrase 

if you fail to remember your own motion or mark you can utilize your security secret key 

Lock/Open versatile utilizing mark lock screen application 

Download and appreciate this signal screen lock and application lock and likewise share this lock screen motion with your companions. Send us Criticism 

Much appreciated!

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