Edge lighting PowerFull Andriod App

Edge lighting for notices, charging, calls, music, backdrop and more 😍 👌

An application for Notices lighting impacts and Consistently In plain view.

AOE contain a great deal of highlights and choices and all can be altered as you like, here is a portion of the fundamental highlights:

Edge lighting can likewise be modified for charging, music, backdrop and numerous different occasions

It tends to be tweaked to work in an exceptionally adaptable manner with AOD clock or freely, or even both like Tap to Light element.

Lighting can associate with all screen or around front camera or both with numerous other lighting place choices like Drove style with assortment of activitys.

You can utilize it to show lighting impacts for some, occasions like notices including missed calls obviously, charging, completely energized, screen lock, screen open, headset stopped, tuning in to music ,

continuous or active calls, ongoing applications menu and blaze after open.

You can alter lighting shading, style, impact and spot for every occasion, each application, each contact name or even each visit gathering.

Warnings light has progressively helpful extra highlights like Update which the lighting will be rehashed each period you pick and you can even decide to make a sound alarm for notice update,

what's more, Blender which will repeat through every single current notice hues..

Splendor can be balanced paying little heed to the lighting is free or with Consistently In plain view, on that you can set high brilliance for lights and low brighting for AOD/clock gadgets.

It has numerous alternatives to limit its activity like forestall the application from lighting if gadget is charging, not charging, not in scene mode, low battery, rest time or to follow Don't Upset mode.
with a square rundown to keep it from working for somebody

AOE additionally bolster lighting in all screen states, killed or turned on, flat or vertical.

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