Audio Manager Gallery Vault _ Hide Photos Videos

Conceal Photos,Videos From Exhibition

Sound Director Display Vault: Cover up photos,videos,audios,notes.

The Sound Director Display Vault is a keen and secrate vault to conceal photos,videos from exhibition.

Cover up your photographs and recordings behind secrate Sound Supervisor.


•Photos and recordings security: concealed documents must be gotten to with right secret phrase.

•Secrate lock: shroud your records behind sound administrator secrate lock and open vault by enter right password and fingreprint(supported gadgets).

•Create Secrate Notes: Make secate notes inside vault and access just by enter ccorrect password.

•Hide Sounds: you can likewise cover up mp3 documents inside vault.

•Share concealed documents: you can likewise impart concealed records from vault to security.

•Image SlideShow: 

Picture SlideShow with custom span

•FingrePrint Open: you can likewise open vault by your fingerprint(Supported gadgets)

•Fake password: Counterfeit password will show void vault.

•Passcode Recuperation:

 if there should be an occurrence of overlooked password you can recoup it by Entering right Security Question/Answer.

Sound Supervisor Display Vault is a Private Photograph Lock App,Video Lock Application and Sound Lock Application. photograph hider application that gives you a chance to conceal pictures/recordings.

Conceal your Photographs/Recordings behind Secrate Application its look like Basic "AudioManager".

With this GalleryVault, your protection is very much ensured and secure.

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