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Rest Clock gives you a chance to nod off to your preferred music.

Rest Clock gives you a chance to nod off to your preferred music. You just begin your music, and afterward set the commencement clock. Toward the finish of the commencement, Rest Clock delicately blurs your music out and stops it. Enabling you to get your valuable rest and prevents your battery from depleting.

Tune in to music while nodding off:

Rest Clock delicately brings down the volume and after that turns your music off. It works simply like a Rest Clock on the sound system or television.

> Utilize your preferred music player or even YouTube! 

Works with Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, YouTube and numerous some more. To confirm whether it works with your preferred player, simply download the application and give it a shot - it is free.

Select to what extent you need the music to play

Our natural and wonderful UI enables you to easily set the span of the clock and begin it.

Make presets for your much of the time utilized clocks

With our presets, you can switch between standard clocks with only one tap

Keep your battery from depleting :

Toward the finish of the clock, the music is stopped* to keep your telephone from playing music throughout the night and depleting the battery.

All things considered the telephone volume will set to quiet if all else fails. For this situation, the music will keep playing.

Shake to expand clock:

Some of the time nodding off isn't that simple. Our shake to stretch out enables you to shake the telephone to broaden the term of the clock, without you opening your telephone.

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