VMOS Virtual Root Andriod Double System

Application cloner with root choice

VMOS is an Application programming dependent on Virtual Machine (VM). The VMOS framework can enact root by a single tick. VMOS can be introduced as a typical Application to Linux or Android framework through VM innovation. It's likewise a single tick Application cloner. Besides, VMOS isn't constrained by the host framework. (Android on the telephone).


👉 Would you like to have another android framework on your telephone?
👉 Would you like to introduce 2 same Application in 1 telephone?

👉 Does your telephone meet all Applications' establishment necessities?
VMOS causes you to take care of these issues.
👉 VMOS is a worldwide Application dedicated to making a virtual Android on Android, absolutely autonomous framework, which is nerds' top choice.

👉 You can possess two social records web based, adjusting life and work in one gadget...
👉 VMOS furnishes with picture in picture mode.
Coasting window shows above different applications with free drag and free zoom.
👉 We can have VMOS running foundation for some specific games.

👉 Another extraordinary element is adaptable goals.
Clients characterize length, width, and DPI as their desires. Goals you set before will be recorded as well.

Q. How does VMOS work?

A. VMOS is another and imaginative innovation. It virtualizes another local Android working framework all alone telephone. With VMOS, you can switch among genuine and virtual frameworks whenever. The information and applications are put away locally.
Q. Is VMOS an established framework?
A.Users choose. We can switch the catch in Designer options→Grant root consent.

Q. What sorts of telephone can be introduced?

A. The telephone of in excess of 32 GB stockpiling and 3 GB Smash. Furthermore, the telephone framework is higher or equivalent to Android 5.1
Q. Would i be able to clone Application in genuine telephone to it?
A. Indeed. File→Choose APP→Import

Q. How's the speed of VMOS?

A. As a matter of fact, it's quicker than a cloud telephone since every one of the information is on your telephone. No compelling reason to transmit information remotely.
A. VMOS requires these approvals for better recreating genuine telephone situations.
Q. Is VMOS ok for your genuine telephone?
A. Sure. Genuine telephone and VMOS has 2 separate frameworks. Information from the two frameworks won't meddle with one another.

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