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Zoo_AR Amazing Andriod App::

Set of all animals 4D Enlarged Reality Story Books

Intuitive AR has made probably the most attractive and engaging Increased Reality (AR) story books available. Basically download the application and point your tablet/advanced mobile phone camera at the gathered riddle and let the story unfurl before you in full 3D symbolism.

AR is another, interesting and energizing innovation that uses any cell phone to show what has turned out to be known as Expanded Reality. When the application (utilizing the gadget camera) has "moored" to the page, the activity shows as a 3D layer just before you as though it is very the room.


This application requires a Set of all animals Story Book from Intuitive AR or printed pages from an in application buy.


Once the liveliness begins, you can move the camera around to see the activity from any edge

Most characters can be moved around the room by contacting the telephone/tablet screen

Restart the movement by squeezing the restart symbol

Change the language utilizing the language symbol

Story told in English, Spanish, French, Hebrew

Record a motion picture utilizing the record symbol and offer it with your companions

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