Do Not Touch My Phone_Motion Alarm

Try not to contact my telephone - 

Who opens my telephone is the counter robbery application that recognizes movement when somebody attempts to contact or disengage the charger of your telephone without your authorization. This is the most solid Versatile Security Alert for your gadget.

Dont Contact My Telephone -

 Robbery Caution with secret word is the best for Versatile Lock 2019 also with extraordinary imei gadget tracker. Discover quickly who attempts to open my telephone utilize versatile touch with movement identifier alert the best application with movement sensor. Telephone alert application

Use Don't contact my telephone - telephone caution application if

🚨 The alert will ring quickly when somebody contact your telephone

🚨 Find Who is attempting to contact your telephone.

🚨 Would you say you are concerned on the off chance that somebody is attempting to mess with your cell phone?

🚨 This basic security application has spared my telephone.

🚨 You are apprehensive your telephone will be stolen. Hoodlums abhor this alert!

🚨Fright who opens my telephone

🚨Your companions are snooping into your privet telephone (writings and private messages and so on.) without your authorization

🚨Afraid to disregard it in open spots like school or air terminal

🚨Your kids, kin, relatives or collaborators are utilizing your telephone when you're nowhere to be found

Anticipate unapproved access with fast and simple arrangement:

1. Press Begin to initiate the Counter Burglary Caution.

2. Place the gadget on a fixed spot for example Table

Other Security Highlights:

1. PIN Code for super insurance

2. Fingerprint to Turn off the alert.

3. Disconnect Charger alert

4. Flashlights when the alert is activated

5. Add deferral to Caution Sound

6. Record and Arrangement your own custom alert sound, a meddlesome individual can not close down

7. Antitheft Caution for your cell phone

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