Nomedia Andriod Apk Download

Nomedia New Secret App::

This Application can assist you with creating or evacuate a document called .nomedia in a

envelope contains media documents effectively.

ℹ️※ What is a .nomedia record? 

.nomedia record flagging the media scanner to disregard media in the containing registry and its subdirectories. This keeps media scanner from perusing your media files(image, video, sound) and giving them to other apps(Gallery, Music Player, Video Player and so forth.) through the MediaStore content supplier.

On the off chance that you need to examine all the photograph/picture/music/video on your gadget;

In the event that the Display, Media Player dependably load a few pictures, recordings or sounds which you do believe are futile, excess.

At that point this Application might be what you need.


The principle reason for this application is let the garbage media files(which we do think) don't appear in some APP(such as the Exhibition, Play Music) in view of MediaStore. It's anything but a device to shroud documents and ensure your protection, as records might be appear in document supervisor Applications.


ℹ️※ How to utilize: 

1. The application will sweep picture, video, sound records from the MediaStore and document framework, and afterward orders them by envelope.

2. At the point when an envelope is set to "ON," implies that media documents in this organizer won't be examined by MediaStore, generally will be checked.

3. In the rundown see, click the envelope see to see organizer detail.

4. In the framework see, click the record see can play the media document.

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